Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning is the maintenance of piano string tension. The piano was designed to withstand and sustain a certain pressure from the strings, which even in smaller pianos is greater than 60,000 lbs whether you play or not. When humidity changes, the wood reacts to the change, absorbing or losing moisture. This causes a change in pressure in the strings and that is why your piano goes out of tune more when you start heating your home in the fall, and again when you stop heating your home in the spring

Mechanical aadjustments, regulation and voicing also periodically recommended to maximize lifespan of the mechanism and performance of the insturment.

Piano Restoration and Refinishing

The Art of Piano Restoration in our company is passed down for three generations, from father to son.

We seek out, restore, deliver and maintain the piano of your dreams and warranty our work for up to 20 years for parts and labor.

The best pianos in the world were made a long time ago, when the quality of the wood and the process of aging, selection and craftsmanship were available to make an instrument that only improves with age and makes sense to pass on as an heirloom as it also increases in value, sometimes exponentially.

We collect pianos of different vintages, from the late 1700s through the 1940s to be able to stock the best woods to restore the original sound of your antique piano.

Piano Moving and Storage

We designed and built the PianoLimo with Mercedes Benz to provide the ultimate experience in piano moving.  With complete climate-control, a powerful winch to aid in loading and lots of other fancy equipment to stabilize the ride and provide comfort for the piano while in transit.

Our expert crew with a dedicated professional piano technician will pick up and deliver your piano anywhere in the country for restoration.

It is our pleasure to deliver in town or across the nation for people who love their piano.

…a little deeper knowledge about piano tuning

Acoustic pianos have natural imperfections in the wood and proportion. Sound properties are manipulated by the tuning, not just the pitch of the string. Within a pitch, there is always a little flexibility. -A piano tuned using a computer does not sound alive. The finest sound properties of any piano are brought out Only by professional ear tuning and voicing.

Our Philosophy is simple and straight forward

We don’t charge to fix sticking keys and we never use lubricants in your piano. Spraying teflon or other lubricants will damage wood and felt in the long term, hardening and separating natural fibers. It is a temporary solution. The piano mechanism is designed to be lubricant-free and when properly regulated, should work without squeaking or sticking. All these problems are fixed by adjusting the action mechanism.

Next Steps…

Call (203)569-5078 to speak with an expert.  We are busy and quite frequently in the middle of tuning or moving a piano, but leave a message, or text the Boss’s cell (631)987-7026 – or just write an email and by the end of day you will hear back.  Thanks so much for keeping the art alive.

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