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Many of us grew up with a piano in our home, we have the fondest memories of family gatherings singing and caroling around the piano during holidays and we want our children to cherish these moments and continue to enjoy our music, culture and tradition.  Music and piano study in particular, supports education and discipline in a growing mind and is also a great way of relaxation and meditation for adults.
The family piano is cherished and passed on because it has great sentimental and investment value.  Regardless of brand, if the piano was made before WWII, the instrument is completely hand-made and is superior to any new brand.   Besides perfect proportion measurements and proper string angle, the secret of sound in pianos, violins, guitars and all acoustic instruments is the aging of the wood.   Until the 1940’s the structural hardwood used to make a piano was on average 50 to 80 years older than the piano itself.  After the aging process, the best pieces of wood prepared by the grandfather were selected by the grandson to make the piano. 
Proper string tension on a piano varies from 50,000lbs to 80,000lbs, depending on pitch and size of piano when in tune.  The aging process made the piano more resistant to warping from changes in humidity and has “living” sound properties that raw wood does not carry.  Raw wood responds to small changes in humidity levels, begins to warp and crack and usually does not make sense to restore, as it will surely keep warping and cracking.  Piano warranties ranged from 20 years to lifetime on some pianos and sadly, makers of the finest soundboard wood today only provide a 3 year warranty for their product.  If properly maintained, any vintage and antique piano will surely outlast any new piano.  This is why antique pianos are better sounding and highly valued. 
Keep your piano in the correct position in the room, far from windows, ac/heat vents, fireplaces and other sources of humidity and temperature change.  If you know your piano is in a bay window that also has baseboard heat, an a/c unit nearby and you aren’t ready to re-decorate, a piano humidity control system may be a good idea to protect the soundboard from cracking.
To bust a myth: Maintain string tension by keeping the piano in tune, at least 2-3 times each year.  Playing a piano is actually good for the piano, does not drive it out of tune even if you play with a heavy touch.  Humidity change does far more damage to tuning stability than a professional pianist practicing all day long.   
Specializing in High Quality Piano Services, Piano Tuning,Piano Rent Connecticut Mechanical Regulation, Piano Maintenance and Piano repair, Piano Restoration, Piano Refinishing, Piano Design Piano Supply Ct Piano Products and Accessories in Connecticut, New York, Westchester, Long Island, Fairfield, Stamford, Riverside, Greenwich, Harrison, Rye, New Rochelle, Weston, Westport, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Southport, Eastport, White Plains, NYC, Manhattan - Climate-Controlled Piano Moving, Climate-Controlled Piano Storage,
  • Updated Prices in Effect As of May 1st, 2014
  • Piano Tuning CT/Westchester $150.00 plus sales tax (check for coupon link for discounts in your area)
  • Piano Tuning NYC $195.00
  • Emergency Piano Tuning $ 350 (with less than 24 hours notice)
  • Piano Tuning NJ/LI $250.00
  • Piano Storage Upright starting $ 65 per month
  • Piano Storage Baby Grand starting $ 125 per month
  • Piano Storage Grand Pianos $ 149 per month
  • Piano Estimate Fee is $95.00 (not taxable) and is applied towards any immediate repair or maintenance work.
  • Piano Appraisal Fee $125.00(not taxable) and is applied towards any immediate repair or maintenance work.
  • Piano Listing Fee $59.99 for 3 months - list your piano for sale with no commissions or any other fees


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