Piano Moving and Storage

Climate Control is essential for the safety of your piano, especially on longer trips and in storage.  Our PianoLimo truck is climate-controlled to protect your piano and investment.  Pianos arrive in the same tuning condition as they leave.  Here’s why the PianoLimo is the Ultimate in piano care:

Piano Moving Amadeus Piano Co., L.L.C.
  1. Climate Control Piano Moving and Storage
  2. Insurance to protect your Piano and Property
  3. Third-Generation expertise and extensive background in restoration, tuning and repairs

Your Piano is Safe with Us

When it comes to tight turns and difficult maneuvers, the PianoLimo crew has been the place moving VanLines and other Piano Companies have turned to.

Piano Moving Robots to the rescue
There are many applications for these amazing machines which do not get tired going up and down flights of stairs with any size piano, but there is still no replacement for experience and technique

Piano Moving Robot Amadeus Piano
Piano Moving Robot Amadeus Piano

Easy Scheduling – Discount options

Piano Moving is done when you need.  Moments notice if you need for any emergency there may be in the music business.  Best prices when booking in advance.  I can always offer several options