Piano Tuning and Repairs

The Art of Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning is the maintenance of piano string tension. The piano was designed to withstand and sustain a certain pressure from the strings, which even in smaller pianos is greater than 60,000 lbs whether you play or not. When humidity changes, the wood reacts to the change, absorbing or losing moisture. This causes a change in pressure in the strings and that is why your piano goes out of tune more when you start heating your home in the fall, and again when you stop heating your home in the spring

  • At your Service

    At your Service

    Amadeus Piano Co., LLC is proud to help people restore memories and value to their family heirloom antique pianos.  With custom restoration, a custom-tailored approach to get the touch and feel, plus the best sound from your piano. The best way to start is to schedule an appointment for an estimate and consultation.  Upon close…